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The Holidays are Coming!

When we think about the holidays, we think of laughter and joy among family and friends, celebrating with big dinners, sharing gifts and company with the ones we love. For victims and survivors of domestic violence, however, the holidays can be a very dark and scary time. They may experience additional stress, financial pressures, and unique challenges over the holiday season, which can be emotionally and physically draining.

To combat these challenges, Womenspace is gearing up for the holidays to make them enjoyable and truly special times of the year for victims and survivors. We are graciously reminded of how dedicated and supportive our community is to the families we work with. We hope to continue our partnership with you in making this a joyous celebration for the many families affected by domestic violence. Last year, thanks to your continued support, over 100 families accessing Womenspace services were able to enjoy the holiday season!

Join us in holiday giving, volunteering, and supporting our participants in need this holiday season. 

Volunteer with Womenspace!

Volunteer with Womenspace!

Volunteer with Womenspace this fall/winter! Come work as part of a team to provide advocacy, support, youth services, or outreach!

Volunteer with our crisis line, youth program, community education and outreach team, or front desk crew.

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